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Pirelli Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli is an Italian motorcycle tire brand that has been making tires ever since it was founded in Milan, Italy in 1872. There are few companies of any kind that have been around that length of time. This is a good indication of the type of quality that this company produces.

Today it stands as a global leader renowned for its cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots. Regardless of the motorcycle you have, you can find the perfect tire with Pirelli.

Why You Should Choose Pirelli Motorcycle Tires? Well, if you're looking for a motorcycle tire that has the most technological advancements available and made by an Italian tire manufacturer then you really want to get Pirelli. This is by far one of the best motorcycle tires available on the market. Pirelli motorcycle tires are designed with safety and functionality in mind. Whether you want to get motorcycle tires for the trail or for the road you'll find that this manufacturer produces them with the tread and rubber that grip and handle the terrain.

Pirelli is well respected as a leader in racing tires for motorcycles. They have a complete lineup of Pirelli motorcycle tires that are made for off-road and on-road competition that can be found with a range of compounds. They even have tires that can meet the needs of those who race in the rain and under a range of different wet conditions. Pirelli also has the tires you need for off-road competition and Motocross.

They offer a very complete range of products for those wanting motorcycle tires for use under normal street conditions. Likewise, for those who want to take their motorcycle off the beaten path, you'll be delighted to find Pirelli has many great choices in tires. There are some great options for those who almost primarily take their motorcycles off-road and other options that allow you to go from the pavement to the dirt and back again. This option means you never have to change your tires for the environment you're choosing to ride on.

Regardless of whether you want to take your motorcycle over rocks or through the mud, in the grass or on the sand, there is a Pirelli motorcycle tire that will suit the purpose. These tires are made for recreation, road riding, racing, and off-road adventures. Pirelli tires have played a part in 68 World titles in Motocross World Championships. Regardless of whether your interest is in Motocross, Enduro, or Cross Country, you can get the right tires for your motorcycle with Pirelli.

Those that want to take their motorcycles on city roads and use it to commute will find that Pirelli is just as great and perfect a choice as it is for someone looking to take it off-road or to be involved in professional competitions. Pirelli has many tires for scooters and other small motorcycles that can be used for daily commuting. These tires are specifically designed to provide safety and performance in city conditions.

Everyday motorcycle riders need good tires that can hold up under the different conditions that they encounter using their motorcycle daily. Urban conditions have their unique needs and Pirelli understands how to produce a motorcycle tire that will meet those needs. Interestingly, if you do want to take your small motorcycle or scooter off-road then you'll be able to get a Pirelli motorcycle tire that will be perfect for that as well.

As you can see, Pirelli has the perfect motorcycle tires regardless of what type of bike or terrain you wish to ride on. Sports bikes, Harley's, dirt bikes, and cruisers are all included among those that can get the perfect tire for the type of riding you want to do. If you love riding a two-wheeled machine then this is the company that makes the right tires for you. They will offer miles and miles of comfort and superior control and provide a level of safety that you can depend on. Even those that are looking for environmentally friendly rubber compounds will find that this company has a motorcycle tire that meets those standards.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Pirelli Motorcycle Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Pirelli Tires in stock and we typically have more than 325 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Pirelli Models of Motorcycle Tires that we sell include:

ANGEL GT – This Gran Turismo Bi-compound tire is touted as Pirelli's highest mileage sport touring tire. This one is ideal for travelers using the bike for long road trips, with side bags and a passenger, looking for safety on wet surfaces, or stability and mileage. Its sporty attitude brings a wider range of usage conditions and for longer distances. Its top handling capabilities provides for excellency in wet performance and grip and its performance consistency will continue to last until the end of the tire’s life.

ANGEL ST – This is the first tire with a double soul. This holder of 7 world records is engineered with a compound with high silica content for sport touring use that provides good grip on dry surfaces with maximum safety also on wet surfaces and at low temperatures. Combining the matching front with the rear profile tire help to ensure neutral and uniform performance in all road conditions. These Sport Tires get excellent mileage with constant and reliable performance right to the end of its life span.

DIABLO – The classic Pirelli DNA resulting in the perfect tire for urban traffic. It provides excellent stability at high speeds. Its sporty profile provides for a fast warm-up thanks to its unique silica compound. Added functional grooves provide safe behavior on both dry and wet surfaces and afford greater stability in braking and precise and progressive behavior in handling.

DIABLO ROSSO CORSA – This is touted as the most versatile Hypersport Tire for Road & Track. It's a high-performance tire on the road and perfect for on-track sessions. Its unique profile and structure make it a reference point in the segment thanks to the excellent support ensured in inclination and rapid realignment coming out of bends. It is made with the most modern EPT design technologies and thanks to its multi-compound composition with three zones at the rear capable of optimizing the area of contact, it ensures the maximum grip on road and racetrack. Now you can get maximum performance on the racetrack and great reactivity on the road for incredible control of the bike in all situations.

DIABLO ROSSO II - This is a Bi-Compound rear tire combining long-lasting mileage with excellent grip. It utilizes the Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) to optimize your contact patch for improved grip. Its Functional Groove Design (FGD) will help to optimize wet behavior too.

DIABLO ROSSO III - Are you ready for the next level? This technology was developed within the World Superbike Championship and provides unprecedented handling for a new generation of sporty behavior. It uses a unique Bi-compound with wide side soft stripe offering full grip starting from a mid lean angle and has a large footprint area for improved adherence.

DIABLO ROSSO SCOOTER – This tire is the next level for high-performance and scooter. It comes with a sporty profile that allows for agile handling and a high silica dual-compound rear tire provides better grip, handling, performance, and higher mileage. It features the DIABLO ROSSO™ III patented ‘flash’ tread pattern design for optimal wear and water drainage. The ‘flash’ pattern is a proven and efficient solution to combine tread compactness, void-to-rubber ratio, groove orientation, and water evacuation.

DIABLO SCOOTER – A perfect scooter tire that is ideal for high-performance scooters used in city traffic and for use on mid-range journeys. This tire uses special compounds to ensure excellent grip on all types of road surfaces. Its profile comes with multiple radii to ensure excellent handling and easy maneuvers. Its Nylon carcass was engineered to improve the contact area and stability at high speeds. Its unique tread pattern is optimized for high mileage and regular wear.

DIABLO SUPERCORSA SP – The ultimate emotion for a road and track tire that gives Racetrack performance delivered from a fully street legal tire. Its unique innovative and exclusive Pirelli patented high modulus carcass fiber allows for exceptional Road and Racetrack use on the same tire. The Bi-Compound used in the rear tires allows for exceptional grip, stability, and mileage.

MANDRAKE MT15 – The urban scooter choice for 14” and 16” diameter wheels. Its reinforced carcass ensures high stability on bends and excellent resistance to lacerations. It comes with a unique pattern with specific deep central grooves to ensure safety and reliability on wet and dry surfaces.

MT16 GARACROSS - Perfect for rocks and roots soil types. This all-around tire provides the rider with great durability, high level of grip, even when worn.

MT21 RALLYCROSS – This can be used for the most remote destinations or even for your daily use. It was developed for globetrotting motorcyclists and rally specialists who are looking for maximum flexibility of use, from the dunes of the desert to wide-ranging tourism on asphalt roads. It has a flexible carcass to ensure high stability and precision in setting and following trajectories. It utilizes an optimized tread for use on dirt tracks and gravel, cross country racing and in the desert. It gives high performance off-road and its blocks have greater resistance to tearing thanks to its use of a unique compound. Its innovative carcass structure is capable of supporting the bike's high speeds whilst ensuring high resistance to punctures.

MT60 RS CORSA – This tire delivers pure adrenaline fro on or off-road. Its specific radial carcass is designed to ensure excellent handling. Its unique tread pattern is optimized for use on wet surfaces too. Its special Superbike racing compound is capable of maximizing grip and road holding for a thoroughly pleasant riding sensation.

MT66 ROUTE - Designed for metric V-twin motorcycles, this tire gives an excellent ride comfort even at full load thanks to the specific carcass materials. It provides for high mileage and excellent performance on any kind of road surface thanks to the tread's very deep grooves and ensures excellent comfort, easy steering, and excellent mileage too.

MT75 – This is an X-PLY tire for Touring Motorcycles. Its conventional structure is suitable for sporting use on small and medium-powered bikes in all weather conditions. This one will give you a good grip on wet and dry surfaces with high mileage thanks to the use of specific compounds. It has an excellent quality/price ratio and is typically available with speed ratings P / T / H / S.

NIGHT DRAGON - Optimized for the new V-Twin engines with more power and higher torque, this Cruiser Tire gives better adherence, road holding and look than standard tires for Custom/Cruiser motorcycles. It is specifically designed for Custom motorcyclists that need tires with high performance on the straight and inclining. It provides for excellent grip and higher mileage. This one is fun to ride with while still giving a good balance between reliability and long life of the tire. Its EPT technology of sporting derivation to optimize the area of contact to ensure great stability at high speeds and lightning acceleration.

PHANTOM SPORTSCOMP – This is designed for classic sport motorcycle road use. It has a classic tread pattern that is made with technology and compounds specifically for medium to high-performance bikes. It provides good precision on entry into bends and easy handling on mixed routes. Its radial carcass structure has a steel belt at 0° for stability and a great feeling of control even on the most demanding surfaces.

SCORPION MX EXTRA J – This is for 50-100cc Mini Cross bikes and is effective for training sessions or simply for fun! Its tread pattern and compound were developed with the contribution of the most prestigious players in MX competitions and is optimized to increase traction and grip on a vast range of intermediate surfaces. It utilizes widely spaced blocks to ensure adaptability to soft and slippery surfaces.

SCORPION MX EXTRA X – This is for professional training and amateur to semi-pro racers. Its front blocks are in an arrow-like layout with unique side blocks for directional accuracy and straightaway visibility; combined with V-shaped blocks improve braking stability and cornering side hold. Its rear blocks are designed to give maximum traction on all-terrain applications. Its surface area and compound’s carbon black structure provides for a perfect balance between stiffness, reliability and lasting performance. These tires provide the rider exceptional grip and traction on a wide range of terrain (from mid soft to mid hard). They are perfect for training and are an optimal compromise between performance and durability. Their multi-ply carcass comes with high resistance to punctures but maximum flexibility to absorb forces during jumps or obstacles. This also allows for training performance in all-terrain conditions with uniform block wear, resistance to deformation while damping and thus an extended durability.

SCORPION MX32 MID HARD - Ideal for medium to hard terrain. It has a unique tread pattern born to offer the best performances on mid-hard surfaces with excellent traction even on increasingly severe terrain conditions during the race. Its tread pattern and compounds have been proven with the most prestigious competitors in MX World Championship. It uses a totally new rear tread pattern where each block contributes to improved traction and power transmission with optimal resiliency for consistent performance over time. It also uses a block links (or “bridges”) layout for tear resistance. This model uses a dedicated compound for outstanding grip in lateral sliding control.

SCORPION MXS SOFT - Outstanding performance in extreme soft conditions. The rear tire was developed with MXGP champions and specifically designed for demanding racing in mud, sand, or clay dirt. The tall, thick turbine-shaped knobs feature a wide space in between each knob for excellent self-cleaning in deep, sand or mud and the uniquely structured side knobs provide for excellent grip at extreme lean angles and great durability. These tires include a new compound with innovative resistance to tearing, impact, and abrasion

SCORPION PRO FIM – These are specifically engineered with a specific compound to resist tears, cuts, abrasion and wear for use on extreme terrain and were developed from the same tires used in the F.I.M. Enduro World Championship. They utilize a carcass developed to offer high resistance, to work in Enduro competitions and to respond effectively in overcoming obstacles. They use an optimized distribution of blocks to ensure effective braking. There are designed for those capable of riding even on the unexplored ground, irrespective of the type of surface and the weather conditions.

SCORPION RALLY - The choice of champions for desert racing and rallies – They use an innovative manufacturing process capable of producing a compound very resistant, and with high overall performance even after intensive use. The front tire blocks are optimized for better directional stability at high speeds. These provide high traction even on the most demanding surfaces thanks to the specific geometry and layout of the blocks on the rear tire. Their innovative carcass structure is capable of supporting the bike's high speeds whilst ensuring high resistance to punctures.

SCORPION TRAIL II - A new path for adventure with an aggressive off-road look. This tire combines Sport touring and Enduro performance blended into one product. The unique Bi-Compound composition touts increased mileage, improved wet performance, and top-level handling throughout the entire life.

SCORPION XC MID SOFT - Cross country from soft to medium surfaces that are specifically for use on Enduro motorcycles in cross-country configurations. These are excellent for routes with jumps, in the mud and through vegetation. Its Polyester carcass and pattern evolved from the experience of the world motocross championship and uses controlled deformation to help ensure an ample footprint for maximum effectiveness of traction and braking. Its optimized grip and steering precision is on account of its small rigid blocks on the front tire. It has a racing compound that delivers high performance during the entire competition, independent of the conditions of the surface.

SCORPION XC MID HARD - Cross country from intermediate to hard surfaces that is specifically for use on Enduro motorcycles in professional cross-country configurations. These are excellent for routes with jumps, in the mud, through vegetation or at least on usually inaccessible routes. Their specific off-road compound helps to ensure constant cross-country performance. Its carcass and pattern evolved from motocross experience made available to cross country adventure riding with this Heavy Duty street legal product.

SL26 - Ideal on city streets and versatile in all-weather conditions – This tire model is optimized for multi-purpose scooters used in city traffic with a need for maximum control in all weather conditions while still providing a comfortable ride and high mileage. These are safe and reliable for the new generation of a scooter in all urban conditions. It comes with a tread that has large grooves that effective use in all seasons and all weather conditions and especially ensure excellent performance in the wet.

SL36 SYNERGY - Ideal on city streets and versatile in all-weather conditions. Its unique tread profile with grooves up to 5.2 deep mm provides for longer life and is characterized by a single radius of curvature to ensure better handling and precision on bends. It is engineered with an excellent compound that is optimized for a high grip on both wet and dry roads

SL38 UNICO - Performance and long life in city traffic – Designed primarily for modern scooters with classic design for models with 10" or 11" wheels. Its tread pattern utilizes large grooves to guarantee excellent performance, stability, and handling in the wet and regular wear and provides

SL60 - Effective on city streets and unpaved roads – Available in sizes of 10” and 12”, these scooter tires have an Enduro-type pattern, with a low profile and rigid carcass, to ensure excellent stability on bends even with the scooter fully loaded. Its tread pattern has wide grooves to offer excellent grip, stability, and handling in all conditions and on all surfaces.

SPORT DEMON – This is an X-PLY tire for touring motorcycles. It provides for uniform and progressive performance in all riding conditions thanks to the rear multi-radius profile. It gives a high grip on wet and dry surfaces with excellent mileage. It's a safe and reliable tire in all riding situations, with a particularly favorable cost/quality ratio suitable for Sport Touring motorcycles.