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Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon Tyres is a UK-based tire brand from Melksham, Wiltshire, England has been making high quality automobile and motorbike tires since 1904 that fit all sorts of cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers. Over the years Avon has not only proven itself on the road, but also on the racetracks of the world. On two wheels as well as four.

Since 1997, Avon Tyres was acquired by American-based Cooper Tire & Rubber Company so that Avon could focus more on its core businesses of automotive components, technical products, motorcycle tires, and protective equipment.

Today, Avon's more than a century of tyre-making experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology. Add in a punishing test regime and you can see why Avon makes tyres of unparalleled quality and ability. When you're after tyres that can confidently shrug off the elements and help make driving a pleasure rather than a chore, ask for Avon.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Avon Motorcycle Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Avon Tires in stock and we typically have over 375 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Avon Models of Motorcycle Tires that we sell include:

3D ULTRA SPORT - An ideal tire for your hypersport bike. These provide outstanding handling and grip characteristics. They feature a race derived construction design that utilizes a rich silica based dual tread compound and a 3D Sipe Technology

ROADRUNNER - This is an excellent all around tire. Its strong pre-stressed casing ensures ride comfort and stability while its unique tread pattern provides for excellent drainage on wet surfaces. This tire's special contour promotes progressive corner entry while still giving the rider a great braking bite too.

AM26 ROADRIDER - These are a performance upgrade for classic and vintage motorcycles. Their advanced tread arc design feature the latest tech X-Ply construction design giving it superb universal rotation.

AM63 VIPER STRYKE - With a reinforced compound technology and bespoke construction design and optimized sidewall components, these tires are specifically designed for the modern scooter.

TRAILRIDER - Combined with their state of the art dual tread compound and a high technology construction design these will afford you that aggressive appearance for your road biased dual sports bike that you are looking for.

AV83 STREET RUNNER - Specially designed for smaller cc commuter bikes, these tires feature the latest tech X-Ply construction design and a durable compound that provides for a multi radius profile.

COBRA - The limited edition Cobra tires are chosen as Original Equipment for selected Triumph Models. These tires feature enhanced construction design with a specially formulated durable compound that incorporates sports tire technology.

COBRA CHROME - The Avon Cobra Chrome is their newest offering aimed at the power cruiser/touring/custom market which features premium performance, a stylish Cobra themed design and a wide range of sizes. These have excellent wet braking and high stability in all conditions delivering precise feel and tire feedback.

SAFETY MILEAGE MKII - The original classic look with modern performance in imperial sizes. These come with a classic block pattern and modern compound design which feature the latest construction technology.

SPEEDMASTER - This tire model features the original classic look with modern performance in imperial sizes. It comes with a classic ribbed pattern and modern compound design.

SPIRIT ST - This hypersport touring tire provides riders with exceptional wet grip performance and mileage. Utilizing the latest technology construction design, it features state of the art dual tread compound and 3D Sipe Technology.

STORM 3D X-M - These sport touring tires provide for all-round performance. They come with a specifically designed multi tread compound and 3D Sipe Technology construction.

TREKRIDER - With their versatile construction, specially formulated compound, and aggressive pattern design, these will provide you with a great balance between on- and off-road performances.