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Kenda ATV, UTV and Motorcycle Tires

Kenda is a motorcycle tire brand in North America that is owned by Kenda Rubber Industrial Company. It has been a manufacturer of pneumatic tires in Taiwan since 1962 with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They make tires for bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, automobiles, and industrial equipment. In 2010, Kenda became the 27th largest tire maker in the world.

On the road, on the trail or on the racetrack, you can count on Kenda quality. Their tires are engineered for performance and value across a wide range of interests and applications.

Kenda. Designed for Your Journey.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Kenda Motorcycle Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Kenda Tires in stock and we typically have over 350 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Kenda Models of Off-Road, ATV, UTV, and Motorcycle Tires that we sell include:

BEAR CLAW EVO K592 - The evolution of the Bear Claw!

BEAR CLAW HTR K587 - Hard terrain Radial.

BEAR CLAW K299 - The One and Only!

BEAR CLAW XL K299A - Dig even Deeper!

BIG BLOCK PAVER - This one was designed for ADV riders with an on-road focus. It boasts a front tread pattern designed to minimize the scalloping effect common on heavier ADV bikes. The rear pattern is designed for high mileage while maintaining the necessary traction in off highway conditions.

CATACLYSM K6702 - Looking for new high-end cruiser tire for your upcoming adventures? We recommend the Cataclysm motorcycle tires with dual-compound technology. And here’s why: these provide higher mileage in the center and increased grip on the edges for optimal stability in cornering. The tread grooves were designed to more efficiently disburse water and minimize uneven wear. And their casing will handle the highest load-carrying capacity bikes on the market. With an H-speed rating (130 miles per hour or less), for long rides and heavy machinery, these cruiser tires are the ones you want with you on the road.

CHALLENGER K657 - This model has stood the test of time as a great value in the Touring segment.

CRUISER K671 - This is a great match for any smaller sport-touring bike.

DOMINATOR K300 - Dominate the terrain!

EXECUTIONER K538 - Designed to meet the demands of the muddiest 4x4 riding terrain. Its unique tread design gets you deep down traction, even in the muddiest of conditions

FRONT MAX K284 - It's what's up front that counts!

K270 Dual Sport - This one is great for replacing your OE trail tire. It provides the perfect balance between a smooth ride on the road and great traction on the trails.

K329 - Scooter Tire.

K413 - If you’re looking for the best possible scooter tires for your next challenge or excursion, This model was designed for your every adventure and come with a 4 ply rating for the durability and resistance. These tires were made for performance minded machines. The race inspired tread pattern will give you maximum stability and agility while the sipes will provide you with the traction you want when the roads get damp. Whether you’re on your daily commute or a weekend ride, these front and rear scooter tires are the way to travel.

K673 KRUZ - These were designed specifically for today's larger bikes. A great all weather tire for tons of applications.

K676 RETROACTIVE - If you're looking for new shoes for an old classic, this one is for you! These are a V-rated sport bias belted tire for the classic bikes of the 70's, 80's and even 90's.

K760 TRAKMASTER II - The legendary Trakmaster continues to be known for great value. Hit the trail and don't be afraid to take it to the road between trails.

K761 Dual Sport - Leaning more towards street riding than trail riding? Then, this is the tire for you.

K772 PARKER DT DESERT TERRAIN - This second iteration was developed in BAJA to get through the nastiest conditions on earth. The classic Carlsbad pattern is back along with an updated compound to help make the ultimate southwest tire!

K774 IBEX - Climb like a mountain goat!

K780 SOUTHWICK II - There is probably no better tire for soft sandy conditions!

WASHOUGAL II - The ultimate intermediate terrain tire is here. This off-road tires offer dual-compound technology at its finest. The standard compound in the center offers maximum durability while the soft race compound in the shoulder provides cornering stability and optimal traction. These motocross and off-road tires have a new tread pattern that allows for maximum efficiency in a wide variety of terrains and conditions, so for the true riding enthusiast with a real sense of adventure, these are the off-road tires for you.

K785 MILLVILLE II - Their next generation answer to the ever-popular Millville tire has made quite a splash in the Motocross and Off-Road circuits. This tire is designed to work extremely well in soft to intermediate conditions.

K782 SAND MAD - This is a fantastic tire for nasty weather and sandy/muddy conditions. Always make sure have one in the trailer ready to go!

K784 BIG BLOCK - Calling all adventurers! We’ve got the road companion you’ve been seeking. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the motorcycle purists and the thrill riders, alike, these adventure motorcycle tires will support you on the streets as well as the trails. They’ve got powerful puncture resistance and a versatile tubeless design. They perform in sand, dirt, and mud as well as the city streets. The Big Block gets its name from the tread pattern, designed for superior handling, even at high speeds and great traction on many terrains. If you’re looking for the best dual sport tires for any conditions, these are the ones you want.

K787 EQUILIBRIUM TRIALS - DOT approved meets Enduro in perfect harmony! The best qualities of a trials tire and motocross tire all in one product. Super sticky race compound for unbeatable grip in both wet and dry conditions

K257D - Comes in sizes for most Modern and Vintage MX and Off-Road Motorcycles. Its Knob Pattern provides traction in a variety of terrains.

KLAW - Klaw the ground up!

KUTTER - Slice up the trail!

KWICK KD1 - A fantastic scooter tire.

MASTODON AT K3203 - Meet your new favorite UTV all-terrain tires. This model was designed to be the "do-it-all" UTV/SXS tire. It’s got an aggressive open tread design for good clean-out performance in muddy conditions. And the large contact patch offers superior traction and durability on harder packed conditions. These UTV tires have a radial 8-ply rated casing, which provides optimal puncture resistance for an ultra-smooth ride. It is simply one of the best all-terrain UTV tire on the market today.

MASTODON HT K3201 - Your new favorite UTV tires are here! These tires were designed to be the ultimate trail and hard terrain tires for, ATV, UTV and SXS use. The light truck tire inspired tread pattern makes for a super smooth ride for a variety of surfaces, from hard pack to intermediate. They were made to excel in both high-speed desert conditions as well as tight, rocky terrains. The heavy-duty radial 8-ply rated casing provides the ultimate puncture resistance for a quality ride that handles like a pro.

PATHFINDER K530 - Great for hard-surface applications.

ROAD GO K572 - M403 (front) provides Cornering Control & Feedback even at full lean angles.

SCORPION K290 - Provides versatility for a mix of terrains and applications and is an ideal choice for riders seeking knobby performance at a low price. It has a lightweight, easy rolling tread that is puncture resistant.

SNOW MAD K584 - Tired of taking the winter off? Grab a set of Snow Mads and get to it!

SPEED RACER - Whether your looking to go hard surface racing, or just need to be more caring of the turf, the Speedracer is the tire for you.