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Maxxis Off-Road UTV and Motorcycle Tires

Maxxis International is an off-road UTV, ATV, and Motorcycle Tire brand that was founded in 1967. Maxxis began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan. Growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world. In the ensuing decades, they now has 30,000+ employees and have also expanded to offer tires for motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs too.

Maxxis is committed to delivering high performance tires and their products are unequalled in quality and performance. With over forty-five years of manufacturing experience and the ingenuity of their people, they have created new technologies and a diversified tire products. Not only are their products are thoroughly tested both in their own facilities and some of the world's leading tire testing centers, but they are also tested in the real world with their national and world-class champions.

Champions around the world choose Maxxis because they know that their extensive product research, unique designs and rigorous testing standards produce tires that will elevate riders to the next level.

At Maxxis, they utilize the most advanced manufacturing equipment and engineering facilities in the industry. Only after extensive professional evaluation does a product go into production.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Maxxis Off-Road Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Maxxis Tires in stock and we typically have over 130 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Maxxis Models of ATV / UTV Tires that we sell include:

BIGHORN - The Maxxis Bighorn is a legend in the ATV and UTV community. Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the tire's sidewall and rim. Its radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails. These are suitable for desert, dirt and rock applications.

BIGHORN 2.0 - The 2.0 version gives you all the traction of the original Bighorn but in a lighter-weight package. Its durable 6-ply rating construction and radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails. These tires are auitable for hard-pack, intermediate, soft terrain & sand applications.

BIGHORN 3.0 - The 3.0 version is based on the legendary Bighorn and Bighorn 2.0. Its radial construction provides a plush feel and a large contact patch for the ultimate ride. The Bighorn 3.0 features a 6-ply rated radial construction with maneuverability and durability. It boasts tremendous grip and a smooth ride with a large contact patch.

CARNIVORE - 8-ply-rated radial construction, light truck-inspired tire engineered to perform in extreme terrains. Utilizes a specialized rubber compound for supreme traction and control with superb tread wear.

CEROS – An excellent choice for hardpack short-course or cross country side-by-side racing. Its excellent traction and stability on hardpack or loose-over-hard conditions. Its great for short-course UTV racing as well as high-speed desert riding. This UTV and side-by-side specific 6-ply tire is built to handle the extreme abuse your UTV takes. The Ceros contains a directional, smooth-rolling tread pattern, providing steering precision and straight-line stability at high speeds. Its radial construction means better shock absorption characteristics and a smooth ride. The tread pattern also creates predictable braking, with aggressive traction for hardpack to intermediate conditions.

DTR-1 – This tire is specifically designed for dirt track racing and is available in multiple compound options. The tire's tread design can be customized to meet each rider's needs, providing superb traction and stability on any race track.

LIBERTY - The Maxxis Liberty is a true light truck-inspired tire, engineered for performance in a variety of terrains. With an 8-ply radial carcass and a tread design that allows for ultimate control on and off-road, the Liberty exceeds DOT test standards and has the superb tread wear you expect from a Maxxis tire. This tire also features a specialized rubber compound for excellent traction on rocks and desert terrains. Eight-ply radial construction lets the Liberty withstand the heavier loads and high speeds of your largest SxS machines.

M6024 – This scooter tire has a knobby tread pattern designed to excel in both on-road and off-road conditions.

MAXXCROSS DESERT IT - Desert riders will rejoice in this tires long-lasting, high performance. Stiffer tire carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes. Its Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions and its tread compound is optimized for longevity and to perform in a wide variety of desert terrains.

MAXXCROSS IT - A staple in the Maxxcross lineup, the IT is known to be very long lasting: An excellent value for the hardcore pro motocrosser or the grizzled weekend warrior enduro rider. Its unique knob design offers precise steering for a wide variety of soil conditions. Known as a very long-wearing intermediate motocross tire that performs exceptionally well in common intermediate to hardpack conditions.

MAXXZILLA – This model features deep tread lugs to power through mud. Its complex angle arrangement and stepped 3D pattern provide superb mud traction. Its deep lugs offer outstanding control and braking while the special cone knob design will help expel mud. The tire's unique under-groove pattern improves puncture resistance to keep you riding longer and stronger.

MAXXZILLA PLUS - The Maxxzilla Plus features an even more aggressive tread design with deeper lugs to power through the thickest mud. Its long pitches and big block design increase traction performance in muddy terrain while the special cone knob design helps expel the mud.

MUDZILLA - The ultimate mud tire for the most extreme conditions. Its massive tread bars give your ATV maximum traction in mud. Their specifically designed tread pattern is constructed to flex more in mud-accumulating areas and they offer rim guard for maximum wheel protection

RAMPAGE - The Rampage is a true light truck-inspired tire, engineered for performance as an all-terrain type tire. Its 8-ply-rated radial carcass will exceed expectations on and off-road. The Rampage features a specialized rubber compound that provides excellent traction in west coast-style terrains as well as exceptional tread wear. With an aggressive all-terrain tread pattern and 8-ply-rated radial construction, the Rampage is built to handle abuse just like your SXS machine.

RAZR - Over the past decade, the name "Razr" has become synonymous with winning. The Maxxis Razr provides a championship-proven tread design with superior puncture resistance. Its wide profile provides increased grip during acceleration and braking. Razr tires perform best when pushed to the limit in all terrain types. The specialized compound delivers superior traction while extending tread life.

RAZR CROSS - Get exactly what you need for ATV motocross with the Razr Cross. The small knob design allows a rider to "cut" a specific tread pattern into the tire to match racing conditions. Great for intermediate ATV motocross terrains.

RAZR MX - The Razr MX tire sets the bar for ATV motocross racing, with rounded shoulder knobs to control sliding and a specially formulated compound for superior grip. This has a versatile motocross tread pattern available in racing compounds provides predictable all-around performance on the track. Its compound is formulated specifically for ATV MX racing applications. Its rounded shoulder knobs offer the rider predictable sliding characteristics.

RAZR PLUS MX - Tested and developed with ATV Motocross champions Joel Hetrick and Chad Wienen, the Razr Plus MX has passed the ultimate test, helping both riders take championships in the past two years. Achieve your own championship goals with the performance and confidence youll get from the Razr Plus MX.

RAZR2 - A 6-ply rating makes Razr2 tires durable enough for any challenge. The Razr2 grabs heaps of traction in a variety of terrains, but is best suited for intermediate to muddy conditions. This tire also excels in loose-over-hard desert conditions. The Maxxis Razr2 front's increased tread depth and angled shoulder knobs offer improved steering and braking control.

ROXXZILLA - With 8-ply-rated radial construction, multi-layer sidewall design, stepped shoulder lugs and a soft tread compound, the Roxxzilla is the perfect tire for gripping rock. When mounting oversized tires to your ATV or SxS, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.

ZILLA - The Zilla is popular for its lightweight, mud-slinging tread pattern that also provides a smooth ride. It has a durable 6-ply rating and comes with an extremely lightweight design to provide quicker acceleration and mudslinging traction with great braking power. Its nearly continuous center tread will give you smoother ride on trails with predictable high-speed performance.