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Continental Motorcycle Tires

The company that makes Continental motorcycle tires first started making rubber products like that of a rubber stop that went between a horse's hoof and the horseshoe which helped prevent damage when the horse reared up and then its front hoofs came back to the ground. From this patented product they developed their logo of the horse rearing up. The trademark was then fully adopted in the 1880s. Around the same time, bicycles with and without motors played a major role in individual transportation. This was during an era before the passenger car was commonplace. Continental saw a potential growing market arising and they decided to start making tires for bicycles and carriages as well as other products made of rubber.

Continental soon became a leader in bicycle tires and then they moved on to producing automobile tires and were ultimately the first producer to make tires with grooves in them. Continental is now the fourth largest manufacturer of tires anywhere in the world and constantly strives to make tires that outperform the competition while exceeding safety requirements.

This company not only continues to put out some of the most reliable and durable products of its kind, but it is also known for having helped racers like Wilhelm Herz reach record-breaking speeds of 300 mph in 1951. The tire division is dedicated to using the latest technology and materials along with traditions that have helped them become the company they're known for today.

Conti now makes many different motorcyle tires suitable for all types of motorcycle enthusiasts. Regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional racer, or someone who rides with a motorcycle club, you'll find the tire that will work best for you. The manufacturer makes different tires for different circumstances.

Slick tires offer high performance for hobby racers and they are more durable than others found on the market. They provide braking stability and traction when cornering. Rain tires are designed to clear the most amount of water possible and provide extreme gripping ability on wet track conditions. Street racing tires provide street-legal high performance for your motorcycle. They give you precise handling and allow you to get more traction when leaning. They also perform well when braking and when accelerating.

There are more than 200 different tires available for motorcycles, sports bikes, cruisers, Harleys, dirt bikes, scooters and more. Whether you want to go for a long ride or race on the track you can find what you're looking for with these tires. You can take your motorcycle on the road, on the track, or off-roading. These tires are handmade and engineered with German precision to provide the very best handling, acceleration, braking, and cornering.

These tires not only have performance but they also come with touches of fashion that will make them look perfect with your bike. If you want whitewall tires for some extra flare then you can have it with these tires. Regardless of how you ride, there's no question that when it comes to motorcycles, the tires are important.

There's really no reason that you should consider going with another type of tire when this company has been setting itself apart and involved in making motorcycle tires since the very beginning. With their track record of innovation, precision, and performance it's just hard to beat them when it comes to tires for your motorcycle.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Continental Motorcycle Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Continental Tires in stock and we typically have more than 225 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Conti Models of Motorcycle Tires that we sell include:

CONTI ATTACK SM - Sporty tire for Supermoto and mid-sized sports motorcycles

CONTI CLASSIC ATTACK - Newly developed radial tires for classic motorcycles.

CONTI ESCAPE - A special tire for riders who are equally at home on tarmac and off-road.

CONTI GO! - New developed cross-ply tire for all-round use.

CONTI LB – A tire with a modernized tread compound that makes current-day technology available for classic scooters.

CONTI LEGEND – A classic custom whitewall tire for Cruisers and Heavy Touring Bikes.

CONTI MOTION – a Sport Touring radial tire for the price-conscious rider.

CONTI ROAD ATTACK 2 - A masterpiece in Sport-Touring.

CONTI ROAD ATTACK 3 – A perfect choice for heavy, powerful Classic Sport- and Superbikes.

CONTI SPORT ATTACK – A Supersports Street Tire that is also at home on the race track.

CONTI SPORT ATTACK 2 – An advanced high-performance Supersport Tire for street usage.

CONTI SPORT ATTACK 3 – A completely newly developed Sport and Hypersport Tire, which is setting new standards in handling and lean angle performance in both dry and wet conditions for all Sports Motorcycles.

CONTI TKC 70 – This tire combines the best of the TKC 80 off-road tire and ContiTrailAttack 2 on-road Adventure Tire.

CONTI TKC 80 – A well-tried multi-use tire for both street and dirt.

CONTI TOUR – A modern custom tire for Cruisers and Heavy Touring Bikes.

CONTI TRAIL ATTACK 2 – A specially developed road-suitable Enduro tire for big and powerful Dual-Sport Motorcycles.

CONTI TRAIL ATTACK 3 – Touted as Continental's most agile On / Off-Road Tire with 100% trust from start for modern and powerful Adventure Tourers.

CONTI TWINS – Vintage classic tires designed for long mileage and predictable handling.

CONTI ULTRA – This is a true sports tire for older machines. These tires offer optimum handling in all conditions and maximum bite at all angles of lean.

CONTI ZIPPY 1 – Provides high performance for modern sport, traditional and vintage scooters. These give superb handling and stability at top speeds even with a full load. It has a modern contact patch design that provides precise cornering and secure grip in all weather conditions.