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Sedona ATV, UTV, and Motorcycle Tires

Sedona Tire & Wheel is an Off-Road and Motorcycle Tire Brand in North America established in 2006 that builds products for today’s modern ATVs, UTVs, Side-by-Sides, and Off-road motorcycles that offer high-quality, cutting edge technology and real world performance. By working with one of the largest automotive tire factories in the world, Sedona Tire & Wheel jointly develops its tires through meticulous research and testing in order to provide the highest quality and most technically advanced products on the market. Sedona really likes to push the boundaries to find the ultimate ride for your machine.

Sedona products are designed to address the growing demand for tires and wheels from the ever evolving technology in today’s ATVs, UTVs/side-by-sides, and off-road motorcycles. Larger engines, more horsepower, more suspension, and larger size and weight have created the demand for more advanced tires and wheels. As a result of these demands the Sedona Tire & Wheel brand was born.

Today, Sedona Tire & Wheel is recognized as one of the fastest growing ATV and UTV/side-by-side tire and wheel brands in the industry and is distributed worldwide.

Look no further than American Moto Tire to find the best selection and prices of Sedona ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side, and Motorcycle Tires in the USA. We strive to keep the best Sedona Tires in stock and we typically have over 175 different ones to choose from that are ready to be promptly shipped out as soon as you order them.

Some of the most popular Sedona Models of Tires that we sell include:

BAZOOKA - The Bazooka MX/X-Country features 4 ply construction and a race-grade high-silica rubber compound that offers incredible traction and ultra long tread wear. Only the best quality materials are used in the carcass design and large sidewall lugs increase cornering traction and stability. The result is the perfect MX track or cross-country trail riding tire without the high price typically associated with performance tires.

BUCK SNORT - This tire comes with an ultra-durable, puncture-resistant 6 ply rated New-Tech carcass. Its Functional Deer Hoof center tread design leaves tracks down the trail. Its aggressive tread with integrated side lugs grip in extreme conditions and its tread lugs are siped for added traction and durability. They have built-in rim guard for added wheel protection along with an ultimate ride quality and performance in the category.

BUZZ SAW RT - The high quality rubber compound that used in the Buzz Saw R/T is similar to the rubber compound used in high-speed radial truck tires. The result: a tire that lasts, rides smooth and quiet, and offers great traction.

COYOTE – This tire offers incredible traction and performance at a very affordable price! Utilizing today’s high-tech manufacturing process the Sedona Coyote delivers a smooth ride, predictable handling and excellent tread life.

CYCLONE - The ultra lightweight Cyclone sand tires bring traction, flotation, predictable turning and sidehilling to a new level. The ultra lightweight rib front completes the Cyclone sand setup. The Cyclone is a proven sand dune tire with experience at major sand parks in the USA. The premium rubber compound used in the Cyclone sand tire is part of the magic with this tire. The rubber is strong, yet flexible and lightweight, to bring a new level of traction while lasting a long time. The Cyclone sanddune tire works well in dry light sand, wet heavy sand, and even in volcanic sand.

DUNATIK SAND PADDLE – These will give you serious sand performance with their ultra-light carcass and paddle design. It gives serious dune performance at a seriously good price. They also bring traction and flotation to a new level.

MUD REBEL - Designed for the aggressive mud and utility ATV rider or UTV driver, the Sedona Mud Rebel tire performs incredible in mud and also handles dry trails and rocks with ease. High-quality carcass materials allow for controlled inflated sizes that allow your vehicle to perform at its highest level of performance. The Mud Rebel also offers increased sidewall strength for puncture resistance and impact absorption while carrying heavy loads.

MUDDA INLAW - Do you like MUD?! This tire is one of the only deep lug, 8-ply, puncture resistant, RADIAL mud tires available. This tire offers an exceptionally smooth ride and long wear for such an aggressive tire. Mount up the most aggressive mud tire in the Sedona tire lineup and get out there and get dirty with the Mudda InLaw!

MX880ST – These feature an intermediate/soft terrain compound ideal for sand and mud. The MX880ST offers performance without a high price so you can spend more time at the track or on the trail.

BMX887IT – This tire is an ideal intermediate to hard terrain tire with its rigid 4-ply carcass design that helps reduce sidewall flex for a more planted feel.

MX907HP - The MX907HP features a compound designed for blue-groove hard-pack terrain traction. A cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction.

RIP SAW RT - The Rip-Saw RT is an extreme terrain aggressive radial. A deep tread pattern cleans out well in mud and offers great traction and long lasting wear in all types of extreme terrain.

ROCK-A-BILLY - Designed specifically for today’s performance UTV’s and ATV’s. The Sedona Rock-A-Billy radial tire has been proven as a true performance race tire at the 2016 UTV Terracross Championships. It is also a top pick for upgrading from your stock UTV/ATV tires.